We are pleased to inform you that our collective RANHDI fundraising efforts have exceeded the very significant $17,000 mark! Thank you!


As of today, more than 120 contributors who reside in the proposed National Register Historic District, and even some others who reside outside of the district, have contributed generously. This is a great achievement for our neighborhood and toward our objective to make the state rehabilitation tax credits available.

We have a community sponsor, St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church located on Colonial Circle in the proposed National Register historic district.


  • State Assemblymember Sean Ryan
  • State Assemblymember Sam Hoyt, Former
  • State Senator Mark Grisanti
  • County Legislator Maria Whyte [District #6]
  • City of Buffalo Common Council Member LoCurto [Delaware District]
  • City of Buffalo Common Council Member Rivera [Niagara District]
  • City of Buffalo Common Council Member Golombek [North District]


  • Carol Alaimo, Lafayette Avenue
  • Heather Anderson, Richmond Avenue
  • Douglas and Ellen Bean, Ashland Avenue
  • David Bender, Richmond Avenue
  • David Braun and Gail Mauner, Ashland Avenue
  • Cesar and Mary Bonato, Norwood Avenue
  • Marcella Branagan, Ashland Avenue
  • Alma and Clinton Brown, Ashland Avenue
  • Paul and Mary Buchanan, West Delavan Avenue
  • Thomas and Mary Ellen Buckham, Ashland Avenue
  • Anthony and Jean Caldiero, Richmond Avenue
  • Joe Chamberlain and Susan Lindquist, Ashland Avenue
  • Richard and Lareine Clopper, Ashland Avenue
  • William and Deborah Clune, Richmond Avenue
  • Francine Conti, Richmond Avenue
  • Jason and Aileen Corso, Colonial Circle
  • Joe Cox, Orchard Park
  • Al Crato, Richmond Avenue
  • Nicholas & Janice Cushner, Ashland Avenue
  • Dr. Matthew and Bonnie Cywinski, Lafayette Avenue
  • Carl Dennis, Ashland Avenue
  • John Dorn, Norwood Avenue
  • John Duskin, Summer Street
  • Jennifer Fendya, West Ferry Street
  • Cheryl Fisher, Highland Avenue
  • Amy and Michael Flaherty, Ashland Avenue
  • Robert and Sabrina Franke, Dorchester Road
  • Mitch Flynn and Ellen Goldstein, Highland Avenue
  • John and Mary Gannon, Norwood Avenue
  • Jacqueline Gerwitz-Dunn, Richmond Avenue
  • Mary Gillette and Don Cockerill, Norwood Avenue
  • Darren and Anne Dowdell, Dorchester Road
  • Allen Grum, Bidwell Parkway
  • Marie and Fred Houston, West Ferry Street
  • Joel and Anne Huberman, Highland Avenue
  • Thomas and Jennifer Hurley, West Ferry Street
  • Elizabeth R. Irving, Highland Avenue
  • Beth Rosner Kew, West Delavan Avenue
  • Kathleen Kinan, Lexington Avenue
  • Charles and Louise Kreiner, Lexington Avenue
  • Duane and Cherie Kresge, Ashland Avenue
  • Robert and Mary Kresse, West Ferry Street
  • Nicholas and Carol Krestos, Dorchester Road
  • Dan Kushel, Claremont Avenue
  • William and Judith Lobuzzetta, Colonial Circle
  • Brian and Bonnie Lorentz, Richmond Avenue
  • Margaret Lyons, Newfield Street
  • Pamela Maglietto, Claremont Street
  • Patricia Mahone, Hodge Street
  • Joe and Martha Malkiewicz, Dorchester Road
  • Diane Marasciulo, University Avenue
  • Anthony & Catherine Marranca, Richmond Avenue
  • Dr. Irving Massey, Ashland Avenue
  • Jo-Ann Mecca, Richmond Avenue
  • Sean McCabe, Richmond Avenue
  • Susan McGowan, Dorchester Road
  • Patricia McQuillen, Norwood Avenue
  • Phil and Wendy Mistretta, Bidwell Parkway
  • Martje More, Norwood Avenue
  • Paul Murphy, Richmond Avenue
  • Fred Myer, Highland Avenue
  • Vivian Newman, Ashland Avenue
  • William and Maureen O’Donnell, Dorchester Road
  • Elizabeth and Anthony Page, Richmond Avenue
  • Shawn Pearce, Richmond Avenue
  • Arlan Peters, Norwood Avenue
  • Lorna Peterson, Delaware Avenue
  • Molly and David Quackenbush, Highland Avenue
  • Peter Quartararo, Norwood Avenue
  • Patrick Ravines, Ashland Avenue
  • Jean-Michel Reed, Reed Realty, Norwood Avenue
  • George and Barbara Riedel, Richmond Avenue
  • John Ringland and Raya Huang, Ashland Avenue
  • Kenneth and Kathleen Rogers, Lafayette Avenue
  • Laurence Rubin and Debra Chernoff, Norwood Avenue
  • Joseph and Eileen Ryan, West Ferry Street
  • Lynda Schneekloth and Robert Shibley, West Ferry Street
  • Victor Shanchuk, Lafayette Avenue
  • Dorothy Shaw, Ashland Avenue
  • Christopher Sheppard, Richmond Avenue
  • Gretchen Smith, Highland Avenue
  • Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Smith, Ashland Avenue
  • Kate Stryker and Edward Lindsay, Jr., Lafayette Avenue
  • James Swan and Elisabeth Weston, Ashland Avenue
  • Garin Tomaszewski, Lafayette Avenue
  • Laurence Trott, Claremont Avenue
  • Frances Tyau, West Delavan Avenue
  • Cynthia Van Ness, Norwood Avenue
  • Chris Vogelsang, Lancaster Road
  • John and Linda Wadsworth, Summer Street
  • Michael and Gine Weiner, Dorchester Road
  • Joseph Wesolowski, Tonawanda, NY
  • Robert and Lynn Widger, Ashland Avenue

* If you are a RANHDI contributor and would like your name added or removed from this list, please contact Meagan Baco, Historic Preservation Project Assistant at Clinton Brown Company Architecture at 716-852-2020 or>.


Please download this Contribution Form, print, fill-out and mail with your tax-deductible*, contribution check made out to St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church, memo line RANHDI.

Mail to:
RANHDI Community Council
St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church
51 Colonial CircleBuffalo, NY 14222

*Once received, St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church will mail to you a letter that may be included in your income tax return. If you have questions about your contribution, please contact Alice Brown, Secretary at St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church at 716-885-1112 or

[More information about contributing to RANHDI…]


Here’s the simplest way to document your support of RANHDI and its goal to officially recognize your historic and vibrant neighborhood.

Go to our I Support RANHDI! page, fill out your contact information, indicate your support, then hit Submit and your E-Support Card is sent!

We will use your documented support to show broad and enthusiastic support for RANHDI from within the community, the type of support that potential funding sources are looking for.

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