Please contribute generously both money and support to the Richmond Ashland National Register Historic District Initiative to bring these economic benefits to our neighborhood. Make a tax-deductible contribution to St. John’s Grace Church, Community Sponsor.


The nomination process needs sufficient funding now in order to achieve listing of the district soon. Your contribution will go to communicating with nearly 2,000 stakeholders and the specialized services of writing, researching and certifying a National Register Historic District.

Your contribution in a check make out to, St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church is tax-deductible. No funds go to church operations. The RANHDI Community Council made of up of your neighbors manages the use and allocation of contributions.


  1. Officially and nationally recognize this special place in which we choose to live and work and have fun
  2. Maintain and increase the value of properties in our neighborhood
  3. Make a 20% NYS tax credit available to me and my neighbors for improvements made to our historic buildings


Please download this Contribution Form, print, fill-out and mail with your tax-deductible*, contribution check made out to St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church, memo line RANHDI.

Mail to:
RANHDI Community Council
St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church
51 Colonial CircleBuffalo, NY 14222

*Once received, St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church will mail to you a letter that may be included in your income tax return. If you have questions about your contribution, please contact Alice Brown, Secretary at St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church at 716-885-1112 or


Here’s the simplest way to document your support of RANHDI and its goal to officially recognize our historic and vibrant neighborhood.

Go to our I Support RANHDI! page, fill out your contact information, indicate your support, then hit Submit and your E-Support Card is sent!

We will use your documented support to show broad and enthusiastic support for RANHDI from within the community, the type of support that potential funding sources are looking for.

Please also join your neighbors in contributing financially to this community-funded effort. This is a one time cost for a long-term benefit, access to the NY State Rehabilitation Tax Credits.


We ask you and your neighbors and friends to mail a letter of support of the Elmwood Historic District (West) to St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church.

The RAHNDI Community Council has important funding presentations to elected officials, community organizations and local foundations coming up, and with your documented support we will be able to demonstrate the broad-based support that potential funders are looking for.

Remember, listing our neighborhood in the National Register of Historic Places will officially recognize this special place in which we choose to live. National research shows that properties located in historic districts maintain or increase in property value beyond that of the ambient market. Finally, listing on the National Register will allow property owners access to the NY State Rehabilitation Tax Credit, a dollar-for-dollar reduction of 20% of costs to rehabilitate our historic homes.

Please mail your letter of support to:
RANHDI Community Council
St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church
51 Colonial CircleBuffalo, NY 14222

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