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Clinton Brown Company Architecture is a full service historic preservation architecture firm specializing in collaboratively revitalizing heritage buildings and communities.

Clinton Brown Company Architecture (CBCA) has been retained by St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church to provide the needed professional preservation services needed to complete the National Register historic district nomination to strict NY State Historic Preservation Office and National Park Service standards.  CBCA is expert in National Register nominations, historic resource surveys, historic structure reports, and historic tax credit applications.


Clinton Brown Company Architecture, PC is the full-service historic preservation architecture firm in New York State. CBCA revitalizes heritage buildings and communities through project concept, planning, architectural design, and management services for historic preservation projects to serve high-quality individual, institutional, commercial, and governmental clients.


If you have questions such as:

  • Is my property located in the proposed historic district?
  • Is my property located in an eligible census tract to access the NY State Rehabilitation Tax Credit for Homeowners?
  • How do I apply for the NY State Rehabilitation Tax Credit for Homeowners?
  • What work qualifies for the NY State Rehabilitation Tax Credit?

Please see these Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ], and please contact Clinton Brown Company Architecture at any time with any questions about your historic property.

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