You may have questions about RANHDI. We are happy to answer them! Please use the contact information below at any time for any questions or comments.

RANHDI is a community-led neighborhood initiative with St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church on Colonial Circle as the sponsoring organization and Clinton Brown Company Architecture as the contracted professionals. All of this under the aegis of a Community Council, of 20 district neighbors and members of St. John’s-Grace Church, and chaired by Kenneth A. Rogers.


If you have questions about the organization of RANHDI and what it means for your neighborhood contact the RANHDI Community Council.

If you have questions about making your tax-deductible contribution contact Alice Brown at St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church.

If you have questions about the scope of the National Register nomination and how you can access the NY State Rehabilitation Tax Credits, contact Clinton Brown Company Architecture.

If you are applying for tax credits and what to know more about qualifying improvements and to begin the application process, contact the NY State Historic Preservation Office.

For all general questions or comments, please contact Kenneth A. Rogers, RANHDI Community Council, Chair at

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